I would love to tell you , this is a specific themed blog like fashion, food, fitness or anything in particular really.

But it’s just not… It doesn’t have a theme and it’s not meant to have one in particular.  So putting one kind of label on it just wouldn’t feel nor be right.

And it’s also not About Me, that’s why you won’t find my bio here.

This blog is suppposed to live and be created by everyone who has something to share, something to tell. Because we all do.

We all have our story, a story that is worth to be told and heard.

I will literally just make the first step by sharing my thoughts and feelings with you guys.

The things I write about are not just about my personal experience but those of the people who surround me as well as about people who I randomly met and who told me about theirs.

We all have our stories, that shape us and make us who we are.

I want us to open our minds, to learn to listen to each other, see behind the layers, identify with one another, learn tolerance and might motivate others with our story to change theirs a little.

But most important teach us to except and fully love our own story, our very own life letter.

Whether in your own words or through minds, please tell your story…

xx The L.L