Never felt this free …

This might sound weird but it’s true.

Today I feel completely free in a way I have not felt like in a long time. Sometimes it’s a cut to the past, sometimes just a new beautiful day… for me it’s all together. It’s a day of me realizing what I really deserve. A day where I realized who and what has to stay out of my life in order to enjoy this feeling every day. It’s all about just one rule… it’s about what I want.

I’m sick and tired of negativity because I’m not anything close to a negative person. Positivity for me rules the world and that’s all I want in life.

I don’t want people in my life draining my energy with negativity so bye bye…I want people in my life who love and live every day like it’s their last. I want people in my life who are confident in what they have and who they are and show that by just living and not by purposely showing off. I don’t want people in my life who need other people’s approval or support.

I don’t want hate but love in my life. I want Lovers who can be friends after going separate ways because they simply understand once you really loved you will always care.

I want Friends who still stick around after knowing every craziness youcarry and who won’t run away just cause you haven’t talked to each other in a while.

I want people around me that I can trust and who don’t judge me for openly speaking my thoughts and mentioning my dreams.

I want to be able to absolutely follow my dreams without any restrictions of others. I want my dream life of living free……

xoxo the L.L.

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