When it’s time to say Goodbye…

Everyone knows the feeling of saying goodbye and letting go. Sometimes it’s a goodbye to something we love doing,sometimes a goodbye to a place or a thing. In my opinion, however, the hardest ofall goodbyes, is the goodbye to a beloved one. That doesn’t automatically mean the person found his way to heaven and is no longer with us. It can also be the goodbye to someone that is still there but chooses a different path while no longer wanting to be a part of your life. I am talking about friendships that are just breaking apart or relationships that end in a break up. The reasons for that are sometimes hard to explain which doesnt really make things easier. The fact of having to say goodbye stays the same, so is just as hard. Knowing someone is still there but chooses to live life without you, is sometimes even harder than going to say goodbye to someone who won’t be there anymore. When someone you love dies you’ll capture thememories you created and hold on to them for a lifetime… Well saying goodbye out of the choice of the other person, sometimes asks you to also let go of the memories you had simply to make it easier on you. There are people out there who are good at it and some that completely suck. If you ask me… well, I completely suck at it and failed not only once…. I came to the realization that this is just a part of me, that makes me human and who I am… the tears that rise, the pain I feel only makes me realize how much I cared, how much I loved. I love showing the people when I love them that I do…but do I tell them often enough!? As a matter of fact; NO. Especially when it comes to guys I shut down completely. WHY!? because I’m scared. I am scared i will fall too much and love too hard where a possible goodbye and it’s pain will just break me. Because let’s face it in how many relationships nowadays does one or the other back out, cause they think they can / have or want to find something better. Now more than ever we are influenced by so many other “options” and “ideals” that we sometimes don’t even see what’s right in front of us. In a world of fb, snapchat, Instagram, tinder..(the list could go on)we are left with the question of where to find the truth of who we really are ourselves as well as the honesty towards one another. Where did the “I got your back no matter what” mentality go. Remember, the one our grandparents used to have. Surely in their timenot everything was perfect nor did they not as well have to face “competition” or “ideals” but they pulled it together; together as one. Relationships like this come rarely these days, if you have found onecapture it and see it as a treasure. Consider yourself lucky and quiton chasing for the “(maybe) better”. “Chasers” are hard to deal with because they can rap you around their fingers like no other and then choose to move on cause there could be something better out there, coming back to you if they didn’t find it. And if they do find something better they cut you out of their live as you never existed.Does that mean they never cared… idk… some might think not, some might think otherwise. I truly believe that the ones you loved will never leave your heart, you will forever care and showing them that you still do in a way, even though it might be different kind of caring than before. But forme it simple is a way of respect, that the people you once loved justdeserve. But not everyone thinks that way. Some cut you out without ever explaining why they stopped caring and why they can’t show the kind of respect to you anymore they once had for you. The one, that #in my opinion, you still deserve. If you do come across one of those, however, who rather erase you andmake you feel like you never existed, try to say goodbye and let it go. It might be the hardest thing in the world but always remember you do exist, you always have and you still do. You still exist not only for you but for so many others who are not afraid of showing howmuch they love, appreciate and care about you. Take those as a gift, focus on them and let go… say goodbye to the others… Today I am saying goodbye, goodbye to the ones I cared for as friendsbut who couldn’t have cared less about me and goodbye to someone I loved with all my heart, who chose to erase me out of his life, without even thinking or caring about how that might make me feel. To those who I’m saying goodbye to today, I am not mad and I will forgive you… I will still care for you… I will care for you now and forever… But I will care for you differently… All I do for now is let you go!

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